Copper / Zinc Blend ~ Free Shipping

Copper / Zinc Blend ~ Free Shipping

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New Formula!

Copper / Zinc Blend now includes Diamond V Yeast for digestive support (plus horses love the taste!)


Copper and Zinc are the two minerals most deficient in forage.  Deficiencies can result in: decreased immune system, poor hoof quality, thrush, skin infections, scratches, dull dry fading coat, poor wound healing, developmental issues with connective tissue and poor stress tolerance.


Each 6g serving provides 550mg of Zinc and 200mg of Copper

Instructions: Feed 1/2 Tablespoon per day (approximately 6g)


360g package: 30 cents per serving, 60 servings

4.82lb package: 24 cents per serving, 365 servings

25lb package: 15 cents per serving, 1,889 servings