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"I highly recommend the supplements that Custom Equine Nutrition offers. Great customer service and super fast shipping! My two horses have transformed wonderfully and have overall better health while on Vermont Blend. I’ve seen improvements in their hoof health also. The liquid Vitamin E supplement is also great!"


"I have seen larger companies sell inferior products for more. This is an excellent supplement (VT blend) designed to compliment the hay jn the northeast. The though put into the product is high caliber, Nicole knows her stuff."


"Love the line of supplements and love that Nicole is so helpful and responsive to questions! All of my guys - including the picky ones- eat it all up with no problems!"


"As a hoof care professional, it has made a world of difference to so many of the horses in my care to be supported by Nicole's supplements and services!"


"Hi Nicole,
I worked with you about 1 month ago to improve nutrition for my 34 year old Appaloosa Magic who I have had for 20 of those years. Yesterday he was enjoying the sunshine and fresh green grass outside of the pasture as a short treat. Several folks have commented on how improved he looks over the past weeks. Thank you for sharing your expertise with me. I am very happy he is going into winter a bit pudgy!
Giving thanks, Lydia "


"I am so exited to share these results!! In March of this year I made a few changes to my feed protocol and started my horses on a supplement called VT Blend by Custom Equine Nutrition. Ellie has never looked this good or had so many dapples! And my scrawny 3yr old colt I bought this winter has turned into a little beefcake."  ~ Easton, MA

I am so incredibly grateful to Nicole!  My splendid 27 year old Morgan was losing weight and had begun to suffer from chronic, messy diarrhea.  It was pretty clear that even though his spirit was still young and he still loved to strut his dressage stuff, his teeth were no longer up to the job and he simply wasn’t able to get enough nutrition from the forage, supplements, and feeds we had tried for him.  We were at our wits end. Nicole came to the barn, did a very thorough evaluation of my buddy, and recommended a complete diet for him that he could easily digest and that had all the nutrition his aging body needed.  Within weeks, the diarrhea stopped (what a blessing that was for both of us!), and he began to put on weight.   Now, over a year later, he enthusiastically drinks down what we call his ‘Nicole Smoothie’ morning and evening, is maintaining his weight with no diarrhea, and his coat looks great.   Nicole has been a complete gem.  She has always been available to answer questions, explain ‘why’ as well as ‘what’, and help us make sure that Mack stays a happy camper.   Thanks Nicole!!! ~ Colchester VT


Before and after photos of an underweight Vet Referral client.  


 "I see such positive changes in these horses even the others just with the added copper and zinc with the Cal Trace. Softer hair Levi's is like silk like it used to be and the personality change in him has been amazing, he is so affectionate now and not so reactive even my husband commented. Laredo is like an energizer bunny always trying to play. Jet has actually been running around again and he has lost weight.  I have been taking him for walks up the road  as often as I can (couple times a week at least)  he has been doing great. Still very muddy here. He is not overly "ouchie" at all, they have been grading the roads so there is a lot of loose stone  most of which he walks over no problem. Last year he couldn't walk the road with shoes on comfortably! So I am very happy with his progress. I read your blog on the deficiencies possibly causing metabolic issues I totally believe that is what is/was the case with Jet. Maggie has dapples in her coat now and Josie is a shiny dark red bay can't wait to see what they will look like by the end of the summer."  ~ Albany VT



"I can not say enough good things about Nicole. I've always been on top of my boy's nutrition due to him having some very odd allergies, cushings, and insulin issues. My vet mentioned Nicole and what her services were. I reached out to her and she literally emailed me back and forth for a couple days before I even decided if I was interested in her services. I wanted to make sure I wasn't spending money on things I already knew. To say I was impressed is an understatement! Not only is she thorough with each horse's individual needs but she's truly compassionate about what she does. The amount of time she puts in for each horse compared to what she charges is over-the-top impressive. I'm so glad to have her knowledge available to us. I highly recommend her services!" ~ Shelburne VT


"I cannot thank Nicole enough for her constant support for me and my horses. She has opened my eyes to the role nutrition plays in my pursuit of better performance (my dressage horses) and healthier living (my retired Quarter Horse) for my horses. Getting a custom analysis and feed + supplement recommendation for my horses was very interesting and yielded great results. I now have less separate supplements for less $$$ but a better balance in the nutrition of my horses. What has been most valuable to me is being able to check in with her at anytime with questions that come up as situations change - for example just recently one of my horses colicked - presumably on too much (different) grass. My vet took care of the colic but then Nicole gave me invaluable advice on how this colic must have been caused, what to feed to support my horse immediately after the colic and how to possibly prevent it next time. Her passion, expertise and dedication to research every exotic issue makes her an invaluable resource - and it's all part of being her client, she does not charge by the hour! I am excited to have her on my team of equine experts!" ~ Colchester VT


"Nicole and her expertise in the nutrition feel are great! Both my horses coats are already looking much better this spring! My "hard keeper" who also has anhidrosis, has stayed plump all winter! Excited to see if he sweats better this summer now that his diet is balanced!" ~ Cambridge VT