Trinity Rescue, GA

Trinity Rescue and Equine Sanctuary's mission and purpose is to both provide sanctuary for medically infirm or aged horses and to successfully rehabilitate and rehome unwanted, neglected or abused horses after successful recovery and training.

Horse Senseability,MA

Horse SenseAbility is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and young adults who are underserved, at risk or have special needs develop life skills by learning about, caring for and being with horses in a peaceful, rural setting.

Soulstice Rance, ME

Soulstice Ranch has dedicated their mission to help horses and other animals that are in need of sanctuary and holistic care. You will find the hearts of wild horses and burros, horses rescued from slaughter, and other special needs cases at the Ranch.

Huufprints Riding, CA

Therapy trail riding for low-level special needs children as well as non-special needs children & adults.

Wild Ride, CT

A sanctuary for wild horses and wild humans

Storey Brook Farm Sanctuary, VT

Horse rescue dedicated to protecting horses in need by providing sanctuary and driving awareness to end the export and inhumane slaughter of American horses.

Heart of Phoenix, WV

Heart of Phoenix Rescue is West Virginia’s largest, most effective equine advocacy organization covering Appalachia.

Gerda's Equine Rescue, Vermont

Gerda's Equine Rescue (GER) is a Vermont based  501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to rescuing horses from the unthinkable fate of being slaughter bound for human consumption. Since its founding in 2005 GER has been able to able to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home over 1,000 horses.

Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary, Vermont

Founded in mid-2003 by Dr. John Pastore (Inn owner, animal lover and Boston cardiologist), the Mountain View Farm Animal Sanctuary is a Vermont non-profit dedicated to providing farm animals, especially ones with a difficult past; with a good future and a chance at a long and healthy life.

After The Track Rescue, Vermont

After the Track was created to secure the best possible futures for retiring Thoroughbred racehorses. Their vision is to eliminate the slaughter of Thoroughbred racehorses who are no longer competitive by providing alternatives. They provide a holistic training program designed to prepare each thoroughbred ex-racehorse for a new career as a sport and/or pleasure horse.

Xenophon Therapeutic Riding Center, California

Xenophon is a non-profit registered charity, offering both Therapeutic Riding and Hippotherapy. Through equine-assisted activities provided in a safe and secure environment, our children achieve goals that they never before dreamed possible.  "With a horse as their guide, there is no limit to what they can achieve."

Camp Red Cedar, Indiana

Camp Red Cedar’s mission is to encourage children and adults with disabilities to move beyond their boundaries through recreational activities, outdoor education, creative arts and interaction with horses, in an integrated environment, serving people of all abilities.

Bagaduce River Equine Rescue, Maine

​Bagaduce River Equine Rescue is a registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization​ who provides food, shelter, farrier and veterinary  care to horses and donkeys in need and find safe, knowledgeable homes after rehabilitation.

Institute for Equine Assisted Practices, Maine

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and extraordinary web based trainings in the Equine Assisted Practices field.

Bluemont Sanctuary, New Jersey

Bluemont is a family run 501C3 rescue and sanctuary for horses, donkeys, and ponies. Nestled in the heart of Monmouth County NJ’s horse country, our sprawling green pastures serve as a permanent home to over 21 at risk horses and counting.

Flare Oaks Rescue, North Carolina

A 501(c)3 non-profit rescue for farm animals in North Carolina. We take in animals that have been abandoned, neglected, find themselves slaughter-bound or are just unwanted and give them a safe place to recover, heal and learn humans can be trusted. Our mission is to help as many animals as we can, give them the respect and freedom they deserve and let their stories educate people along the way.

Smokey Chestnut Farm Rescue, Massachusetts

Smokey Chestnut Farm is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide a home for horses (and other animals) in need and to provide quality care using conventional and alternative holistic methods and to collaborate with other like-minded organizations and to offer advice and support by way of designing and implementing educational opportunities to help further animal welfare awareness.

Forward Stride, Oregon

Forward Stride enhances quality of life through horse-centered activities and therapies. Using the healing power of horses, Forward Stride has been building lasting relationships, confidence, and new skills. Everyone has challenges in life. We encourage each person to face them head on with the support of our herd and fellow humans. Along the way, emotional, cognitive, and physical milestones are reached and lifelong friendships are forged.

Long Shadows Horses, New York

Long Shadows Charitable Foundation (Long Shadows) is dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating horses who have been abandoned, abused, neglected or are no longer wanted or cared for by their owners. Through gentle, natural care and re-training, our horses’ lives are transformed. And, as equine partners in equine-assisted coaching programs, they thrive.

Rising Action Mustang Society (RAMS), Vermont

The Rising Action Mustang Society operates a training and adoption facility for mustangs and burros managed by federal and tribal governing bodies. RAMS was born from a love of America’s wild horse—our own love, sure, but New England’s too. There are over 50,000 mustangs in holding facilities in the western states, and the people here at RAMS are ready to help give them new skills, fresh purpose, and a soft place to land.

Camp for All, Texas

Camp For All is the national leader in creating and providing proven life-changing experiences through passionate and professional staff, cutting edge facilities and innovative programming. Camp For All was designed with no barriers for children and adults with special needs to experience the thrill of camping and nature, just like their able-bodied peers. All of the programming is “adaptive,” meaning that the activities can be accomplished regardless of the campers’ challenges, be it mobility, emotional or learning issues.