Happy Customers

"I have been using your OmegaE with Angus and LOVE it. I can honestly say it's one of the best supplements I've tried. What I noticed immediately was the change in coat condition. His coat quality, beautiful before, is now positively amazing. Not just that, but his muscle development since I started using Vermont Blend is beyond expectations. Yes, he works in the right way, but proper nutritional support is paramount for these athletes. Three more weeks before our FEI debut!" ~ Jamie


"I highly recommend the supplements that Custom Equine Nutrition offers. Great customer service and super fast shipping! My two horses have transformed wonderfully and have overall better health while on Vermont Blend. I’ve seen improvements in their hoof health also. The liquid Vitamin E supplement is also great!" ~ Amanda

"I wanted to share this picture with you. I started with your Vermont blend because Monty was fading from his normal rich almost black color. These results are in about three weeks not even at full dose as we were slowly ramping up. Such an amazing difference!" ~ Collaeyn 

Summer Article Highlight: Pasture Strategies for Horses with Metabolic Disorders

 Managing a horse with a metabolic disorder is a lifetime dedication. Like a child having a peanut allergy, it will always be something you need to be cautious of.  There is no such thing as a safe pasture for horses with metabolic disorders.  However, in situations where dry lots are not an option, there are strategies to help reduce the risk.