Spotlight - Customer

Amity Hamilton of Massachusetts

"Eventing was my passion growing up, starting in pony club. My mom was the best groom and supported my enthusiasm for the sport. I did the young riders in area 1 making it to 1 season of Intermediate. I went to ride in England for a couple of months as part of my studies.

The problem I found was that my horses would always get foot sore with low heels and thin soles. I noticed many of the horses in England had similar foot problems.  I was lucky to have some great farriers along the way. Sometimes they were magicians to get a shoe on a compromised foot. Equine nutrition has come a long way since then and now hooves are benefiting.

Forward many years of teaching pony clubbers and riding students, I saw how horses had to compromise how they jumped and carried themselves due to pain. Many times it seemed that hoof pain was the main problem. I started pulling shoes on my own horses and playing with changes with diet. I read a lot of books and researched for years. The horses will tell you when you are doing things right or wrong! 

Finally, I came across the mention of Vermont Blend. It had all of the ingredients I was looking for in one. No more mixing and the horses love the taste. Knowing even thoroughbreds will eat it is a relief! This supplement make it possible to keep my horses working barefoot- even jumping. I have rehabbed a few that came with terrible feet in shoes, pads, etc and now they have great strong working feet. My horses’ coats are shiny and I don’t have to treat hooves for any thrush. I have a variety of horses- a retired event horse who came with typical low heels, long toes and thin soles, a quarter horse who came with very upright, contracted and thrushy feet, a Shetland pony who has Cushings and has had laminitis, and a 2 year old Westfalen warmblood. I feed them all the same supplements from Custom Equine and they are all looking great and moving freely on their healthy feet. Their soles are much thicker, heels landing first, and shorter toes. I do not really need to trim them anymore as they seem to be maintaining themselves. The pony clubber in me can hardly believe it! Thanks for understanding what horses need to be healthy and happy. I also love that each horse loves the taste of all of the supplements."

Thank you Amity! We are so happy to have you as part of our
Custom Equine Nutrition family!