About Nicole

Nicole's passion for equine nutrition started in 2002 the day her Tennessee Walker gelding "Chance" was diagnosed with PPID (Cushings Disease). Stumbling across the "Equine Cushings and Insulin Resistance" Yahoo group opened the door to a complete fascination (some would say obsession!) with the benefits of nutrition for PPID and IR horses.  Chance lived to the wonderful age of 31yrs old.  Diagnosed at age 18, Nicole contributes these years to a tightly balanced diet, amazing vet and farrier.

University of Guelph: 
Equine Nutrition and Advanced Equine Nutrition (Thesis on EMS)
Graduate of Champlain College
Courses by Dr. Kellon, V.M.D.:
~ NRC Plus diet balancing
~  Clinical Nutrition
~ Management of Cushings and IR horses
~ Arthritis and Lameness
~ Nutrition for the Performance Horse
Certified Hay Sampler through NFTA
Professional Affiliations
Member of American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition 
Member of Equine Science Society
Member of Vermont Horse Council