Emcelle Tocopherol

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Emcelle Tocopherol: Water Soluble/Dispersible Natural Vitamin E.

There are two forms of Vit E, synthetic and natural. The natural form is what your horse receives from fresh pasture. Natural Vit E is 2x as bioavailable as synthetic. Natural Vit E can go through a process called "micellization" which converts it from a fat-soluble vitamin to a water-soluble vitamin. This allows for more efficient absorption into the bloodstream from the digestive tract, making it 6 times as bioavailable.

There are currently only three water soluble Vit E products on the market: Elevate WS, Nano-E and Emcelle Tocopherol. Please take a look at the attached Price Comparison Chart.

One bottle will last over 8 months, supplying 2,000iu's per day. This works out to $13.22/month.

Sold with a free 4ml pump.  1 pump provides 2,000iu.