Odds and Ends

Equine Acorn Toxicity
Even though acorns have a bitter taste, some horses can become obsessed with eating them and these bite-sized treats can be harmful. It is not only these crunchy morsels that cause problems, but also Oak buds, leaves and twigs.
The Scoop On Scoops
Don't reuse an old scoop for a new supplement without weighing the supplement first.  Find out why!
Changing your horses diet?
We all know the horse's digestive system is very sensitive. One thing you can do to maintain a healthy digestive system is to make all feed changes gradually.
Annual Vet Appointment and Nutrition
A new year means another annual vet visit. You may discuss with your vet what your feeding your horse, but there are other topics that relate directly to your horses nutrition.
Donkey Diets 101

These lovable long ears evolved in desert areas where they adapted to living off poor quality food.  This survival trait worked well in a location with sparse food; however, donkeys living a life of leisure as a pet, can put them at risk of obesity related diseases.


Maple Leaves - Toxic to Horses

Maple trees are very common in the eastern states.  However beautiful they are in the fall, they pose a serious health risk to your horse when the leaves start to wilt and die.  Red maples are the usual culprit, but there are is still a lot unknown about maple poisoning, so it’s best to consider all maples as a possible hazard.


How Nutrition May Affect Your Horses Behavior

As much as we love our horses, the simple truth is that they are large prey animals that can inadvertently  injure us. Behavior that we are cautious of can be broken down into two categories: natural behavior and unnatural behavior (pretty simple huh!).  Natural behavior would be flight response, aggression or anxiety.  Unnatural behavior are stereotypes such as cribbing, wood chewing, or stall weaving.  

Feed Room Hacks
Tips and tricks to save you time and money feeding your horses!
Feed Room Necessity: Scales

When you get new hay or introduce a new feed, it’s a good idea to weigh it and ensure your horse is receiving the proper amount.

How is your horse's nutrition similar to his dressage training?
A good analogy for your horse's nutrition is to think of the dressage training pyramid
Meet Onyx
He no longer faded in the summer, staying a true black, and his stamina and hoof quality improved.