Medical (Weight Issues, EMS, Hives, PPID, Insulin Resistance etc.)

Winter Laminitis
Cold weather can trigger hoof pain for horses with metabolic issues. 
Pasture Strategies for Horses with Metabolic Disorders

 Managing a horse with a metabolic disorder is a lifetime dedication. Like a child having a peanut allergy, it will always be something you need to be cautious of.  There is no such thing as a safe pasture for horses with metabolic disorders.  However, there are strategies to reduce the risk. 

EMS Presentation
Spring can be a dangerous time for EMS/IR/PPID horses.  Here is a link to a PDF presentation I created on EMS.  Take a moment to look it over.  Knowledge will help keep your horse sound!
Sugar and Starch Levels of local products
Chart of the sugar and starch levels of various local feeds.