What's in your Balancer?
What's in your Balancer?

What's in your Balancer?

Ration Balancers pack a lot of nutrients into a small amount.  This is ideal for our "Good Doers".   Less calories, more nutrients.

Here are a few things you want to look for in a Ration Balancer to help balance Vermont hay:

1.  Low iron.  Hay is high in iron, our horses do not need more of it.  

2. High levels of minerals that are commonly deficient:  Copper, Zinc, Magnesium, and Selenium

3.  Sugar and Starch levels if you have a metabolic horse.

4.  Amino Acid levels if your horse has a poor top line, hay belly or poor hoof quality.

5. Digestible Energy.  Low digestible energy = low calories.

Make sure you look at the complete picture for a balancer.  Just because one might be low in iron, doesn't make it the best if it's also low in copper and zinc.

Below is a chart that shows you some of our local options for Ration Balancers.  The amounts listed are per pound.