Sample of Omega-E

Sample of Omega-E

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Samples contain 1 cup of Omega-E

*Limit one per customer, inquire for multiple samples (shipping applies on multiple samples).

Feeding Directions

- Introduce gradually over 10 days.

Horse Weight

Maintenance / Light work

Moderate / Heavy work


1/2 cup (57g)

1 cup (114g)


1 cup (114g)

2 cups (228g)

 - 1 level measuring cup ≈ 4oz (114g)

How to introduce a sample:

Samples should be introduced gradually, not all at once. Start with a sprinkle and increase daily. This allows the microflora in your horse's hindgut to adapt slowly. A slow introduction will also help your horse accept a change in smell / taste / texture of his or her feed.  Water can be added to help supplements stick to grain and not fall to the bottom of the bucket.