Service Options and Rates

Remote Consultation  ... $60

- Diet Analysis and recommendations over the phone or email.

- Summary report via email.

Hay Sampling ... $50 plus mileage, $28 per additional samples

- Sample taken using hay corer.

- Sent to approved National Forage Testing Association lab.

- Results emailed with write up on how to interpret it.

Hay Balancing ... $45

- Using an analysis you already have or one I've sampled for you.

- Emailed list of mineral amounts needed to balance your hay according to the NRC for your horses weight and workload.

- List of where to purchase minerals.

On-Site Silver Package ... $125 plus mileage*

- Weight
- Body Condition Score 
- Topline Score
- Current Diet Review
- Calculate energy requirements in pounds per day, depending on age & work load, targeting your horse’s specific needs.
- Calculate protein needs.
- Calculate and balance minerals based on NRC guidelines, along with helping you understand how these balances work.
​- Help you understand how specific imbalances may be driving health concerns, poor condition or​ ​performance, and potential metabolic disorders. Education on how to limit these or correct the diet.
​- ​Review of supplements based on current and custom diet plan, to determine if supplementation is necessary.
- List of options available to you for supplementing diet if needed. From making your own diet with specific ingredients, finding a commercial product that will closely meet your needs, to having a custom ​ ​supplement made for you with price comparisons from three different companies.
- Specific diet recommendations for horses with clinical needs such as Cushings, Insulin Resistance, hard and easy keepers, ulcers, colic, arthritis, malnutritioned rescue horses, DOD, EPSM, HYPP, skin allergies, etc​.
- Summary Report via email.
- One month free follow up via email or phone.

On-Site Gold Package ... $160 plus mileage*

Includes "Silver" Package plus:

- Full hay analysis (at approved National Forage Testing Association lab).

- Detailed diet report with custom diet plan and education behind recommendations.  Includes charts and tables that show nutrient requirements and how the diet provide 150% of NRC requirements.

- Two month free follow up via email or phone.


Follow - Up ... $30 (email only)

- Diet adjustments when something changes in your horses life, such as work level, health, etc.


Remote or online services will be invoiced using paypal at or prior to the time of service.

 20% off the second and multiple horses for On-Site Consultations and returning Clients.

* On-site consultations are temporarily unavailable.  They will resume October 1st, 2018.  Please contact me if you have a vet referral.